About Us

About Us

        Enchantment Guinea Pigs Rescue is a non-profit organization that supports guinea pigs and citizens in our state community. Each month, Enchantment Guinea Pigs rehomes dozens of guinea pigs, and gives them medical care, behavioral support, and a second chance at a happy home.

We also support animals of our community with programs such as Pet Transportation Service, Surgery Clinic, and other programs to ensure guinea pigs safety together.

We operate the largest the best guinea pig adoption rescue in New Mexico. All purchases and all donations support guinea pigs in our rescue.

Our Mission

        We want to rescue, rehome ,and reconnect one animal at a time. Enchantment Guinea Pigs biggest priority is making sure that each and every guinea pig is rehomed to a great home. We want to ensure that every guinea pig ends up going to the most suitable adoptee.

Our Partnership

At Enchantment Guinea Pigs, we believe that the people and animals in our community benefit when animal welfare groups work together to make our region the safest for pets in our country. We’re proud to be working with local pet stores, and other rescues.


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Your next family member awaits! Meet the guinea pigs available for adoption.

Surrender Pet

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