Care Instructions



Guinea pigs want masses of area on one degree to zoom round and live. Sufficient area additionally allows lessen fights, in particular with boar pairs. We have these days elevated our minimal housing length for a couple of pigs to ten rectangular feet.

C&C Cages

One of the maximum cost-powerful approaches to offer an enough quantity of area on your pigs is via way of means of constructing a C&C cage. four grids via way of means of four grids could meet our endorsed minimal requirement to create cages for guinea pigs. The aspects are constructed from garage dice grids clipped together, and the bottom is crafted from corrugated plastic used for making signs. The base can then be covered with a secure substrate, or a material which includes fleece over towels which can be washed as wanted and reused, reducing down on waste. You should purchase ready-made C&C cages or construct your own – you may purchase the grids from Amazon and corrugated plastic base from Homebase or Wickes.


A lot of nearby puppy shops promote very small cages to have greater shelf area. Researching on-line can take a bit greater time, however it usually will pay off withinside the end. Larger enclosure sizes lessen the incidence of stereotypical behaviors, which includes bar chewing, in hamsters, so that you have to usually are seeking for to exceed the minimal necessities wherein possible. There isn’t any such issue as an excessive amount of area for running, socializing, and exploring! It’s pretty apparent in case your piggies don’t have loads of area, so that you have to be the choose of that.

Male guinea pig Pairs

While sows can efficiently be saved in large groups, boars are exceptional saved in pairs, and want size of area to lessen the possibilities of fights. You have to additionally offer of the entirety to assist with this – hay trays, hideys, meals bowls, bottles, etc.

Bedding or Fleece

Our Rescue’s favored alternative for piggy bedding is fleece! Sometimes we use bedding in our foster homes, however now no longer as frequently as fleece. We line our set-ups with a towel after which a fleece blanket over (we’ve got lots of fleece blankets). Fleece absorbs liquid and is genuinely smooth to clean off. To make this work, while you purchase new fleece you may first want to clean it some instances with washing powder or detergent and no cloth conditioner. There are many films on-line approximately the way to put together fleece. We smooth the fleece each different day and extrade out/wash the towels and fleece at the least weekly. The identical approach applies to different clothprimarily based totally bedding alternatives. While piggies can’t genuinely be clutter trained, setting their hay in a clutter tray covered with a few newspaper and wood/paper pellet clutter will assist the bulk in their feces to turn out to be withinside the tray at the same time as they take a seat down and nibble away. If you don’t need to apply towels and fleece, you may use bedding, or purchase ready-made fleece liners with an absorbent layer, simply google guinea pig fleece liners to locate a few alternatives! Other bedding alternatives consist of tubtub mats, or paper/cardboard-primarily based totally substrate.


We endorse both of the subsequent manufacturers of pellets for piggies. Muesli-kind ingredients aren’t appropriate as they’re excessive in sugars and inspire selective feeding. Like Humans, Food performs a important function in guinea pig’s fitness and could effect their existence span, and universal fitness, which saves cash in the end due to the fact piggies are much less probably to have fitness issues and vet fees can be loads much less. Unlimited hay have to be to be had in any respect instances. Most in their weight-reduction plan have to be hay. Pellets have to be approximately 20-30% in their weight-reduction plan, and that they have to accept approximately 1-2/eight cups a day. They also can devour culmination and greens along side treats, however like humans, they shouldn’t be fed sugary treats and greens all of the time. We purchase meadow hay in bales from a horse feed shop in addition to bales of timothy hay out of your nearby shops.


Most Guinea Pigs like hideouts, and igloos. These make it easy to retrieve them due to the fact all you want to do is raise the igloo up. Fleece pouches also are every other opportunity due to the fact piggies can snuggle inner them, and relaxation with out being disturbed via way of means of the outdoor world. I endorse that pouches live at the ground, and aren’t perched too excessive up due to the fact they prefer to tour inside and outside frequently. Igloos may be bought at any nearby puppy save or on-line, and pouches may be sold on-line at amazon.